Here at Sharples School, we are now using ‘MyChildAtSchool’ (MCAS). 

This is the gateway that enables parents/carers to view their child’s academic progress in real-time via a web browser or mobile application.

MCAS gives you exclusive access to your child’s information such as their timetable, school dinner money, the payment of trips and the notification of your child’s absence from school. 

To access MCAS you will need your username and password, and then click on the below MCAS Parent Login button.

MCAS Parent Login

If you find the page through a search engine such as Google, you will need to enter our school ID too. This is 12336.

MCAS has changed how Sharples School handles passwords – we are no longer able to reset, create or give our passwords for users. 

When your child joins our school, MCAS will create an invitation code and a username that we will give to you. To access MCAS, you must redeem the invitation code using the school ID – 12336 and your email address. 

You will also be asked to provide security questions.

If you have forgotten your password, then you must click on ‘Forgotten Login Details?’ button to send a reset password to your email account that you provided when you first set up your account. 

If you have forgotten your account details, then you will use your security questions to gain access. 

If you have never logged in and you don’t know your username – please email

How to Redeem an Invitation Code (First Time Login):

1) Click on ‘Redeem Invitation Code?

2) Enter School ID: 12336, Username and Invitation Code.

3) Enter your email address and your answers to the security questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the School ID?

The School ID for Sharples School is: 12336

Where do I get my Invitation Code?

If you have never logged in, and don’t know your username, please email

How do I top-up my Child’s dinner money balance?

The Dinner Money option is accessible only as a Widget.

The Widget displays the current Credit Balance Summary and gives the option to top-up the Balance

To do this enter the amount in the Deposit Amount box and click the Add to Basket button. The Shopping Basket icon on the top bar will now display that you have 1 item in the Basket, click here to open the Basket and view the contents, the item can be removed by clicking on the x to the right. 

To continue click on the green Checkout bar at the bottom of the page, which will open the Shopping Basket. Here you can click the Continue Shopping button to open the School Shop and add more items. The Clear Basket button will empty the Basket or press the Checkout button to continue and make your payment. 

Enter your Payment Details on the following page, once verified and paid a Confirmation message will be given and the Credit Balance Summary will be updated on the Widget.

How do I switch between multiple students?


Click on the name of the student, next to the photograph, will open a list of other students associated with the User

Click on the photograph or the text to change views. Allowing information for more than one associated Student to be viewed without having multiple logins.





How to Book a Club or a Trip?

The Clubs & Trips available for booking will be displayed on the Dashboard.

Selecting a Club or Trip and clicking on it will open the Club/Trip details page where you will then be able to book it. Select the Sessions to be booked and click on the Enrol button. 

A Confirmation message will be given stating how many Sessions have been booked and the overall cost. 


Clicking on the Proceed button will add the Student to the Club with a Negative Balance.

Click the Add to Basket button to make payment for the Sessions


Enter the Amount to be paid and click on the Add to Basket button. This amount will now be added to the Shopping Basket, when finished click on the Shopping Basket option and go to the Checkout to make the payment. Once Checkout has been completed the Student will be added to the Club list. 


The payment method can also be a Fixed payment where all of the Sessions are paid for when one payment and there is no option to pick particular Sessions. In this case the full Amount will be displayed and will be due. 

When the Checkout has been completed a message will be given. 

How to notify school of your child 's absence?

To notify Sharples School of your child’s absence, you must use the Inbox


The Inbox can be found on the Dashboard. 

Click on the Envelope on the top right corner. This will open the Inbox page. 


The Inbox page contains any Conversations between the school and the User

The left panel displays the latest Conversations, clicking on one of these will display the content of the Conversation in the right panel. 


To select a Conversation with a particular member of staff, select them from the drop down list. 

To start a new Conversation with Sharples School, enter your message at the bottom of the page and click on the Flight icon. 

You will then be able to follow the Conversation and reply. 

What is the Academic Calendar?

The Academic Calendar is accessible from the Menu Bar only. 

It displays the school year, showing school days and holidays. There is a legend at the top of the page which explains the colour coding. The colours are configurable by the school so may differ from the image. 

Click on a day will display the details for that day.









How do I access my child’s timetable?

The Timetable option is accessible from both the Menu Bar and a Widget.

The Widget will display the timetabled sessions for the day, highlighting the current session. 

Click on the More button to open the Timetable page, which will display the Student Timetable for the current week, the previous and future weeks can be viewed as well. 












How to view recently purchased school dinners?

Please note – It can take approximately 6 hours for the school dinners money to be deducted off the current balance. 


The ‘dinners’ option is accessible from both the Menu Bar and a Widget.

The Dinner Detail Widget displays the last Meals that have been taken. 

Clicking on the More button will display the last Meals taken and the Dinner Money Payment Details.

How do I view my child's Exam Timetable?

To access the Exam Timetable please log into ‘MyChildAtSchool’ and click on ‘Exam Timetables’ from the menu bar on the left hand side. 

You will then be shown the exam timetable, including the following information:

  • Exam date
  • Start time
  • Duration of exam
  • Exam room
  • Seat location

Below is an example of what it will look like:






How do I approve or revoke Parental Consent?

The Parental Consent is available from the Menu Bar only.

It displays parental consent statements and you are required to state ‘YES, I give consent’ or ‘No, I do not give consent’. 

Once you have selected the consent option, you should click on the green ‘Save’ button.