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At Sharples School, we provide students with the opportunities to develop their character from the moment they start their high school journey. The Sharples Baccalaureate is a programme of extra-curricular activities that prepares our Y7 and Y8 students for success in upper school and helps pupils form friendships and become part of our community, whilst developing the skills that make them stand out from the crowd. Students gain points throughout the year by showing their skills in leadership, creativity, STEM, sport and community. They are able to demonstrate these skills through the many clubs on offer including: astronomy, debating, jewellery and robotics club to name a few. Students in Y7 are expected to commit to 2 clubs a week and at the end of each term, pupils will graduate with a bronze, silver or gold award. There are also rewards throughout the year to recognise students’ commitment to extracurricular activities.

Continuing into Y8, students will focus on the individual strands of the Baccalaureate and understand the importance of each one. Each half term and under the leadership of the Sharples Baccalaureate Ambassadors who are selected at the end of Y7, form groups will run a project which demonstrates skills in leadership, creativity, STEM, sport or community. Further, to celebrate the commitment to all 5 strands over the 2 years, Y8 students will have the opportunity to experience an outdoor adventurous trip to Colomendy where they will be able to demonstrate the skills they have developed.

You can view our dedicated Twitter account (@SharplesBacc) for updates on what extracurricular activities students in Y7 and Y8 are taking part in!