Distance Learning


Introduction from the Headteacher

Welcome to the new ‘distance learning’ section of our website.

We recognise that working from home can, at times, be extremely challenging for young people and their parents/carers.

With this in mind, we have brought together some essential information to help you to get the most out of our distance learning provision.

We believe that by working in partnership and by communicating effectively we will enable our students to continue to excel in these uncertain times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any support or guidance with any aspect of your child’s learning.


We are always happy to help.


Ms Webster


Headteacher Updates

Click here to view Ms Webster’s letter regarding returning to school and Covid 19 testing information (24th February).

Click here to view Ms Webster’s February half term update (10th February).
Click here to view Ms Webster’s Distance Learning Update (15th January).
Click here to view Ms Webster’s January update letter. (5th January).


Note: Any future updates from Ms Webster will appear here.



Wherever possible, we will aim to stick to the planned curriculum and ensure that students return to school ready to move on to the next stage of their education.

This is a more straightforward proposition in some subjects than others. For example: there are clearly challenges relating to practical work and as such our departments are currently reviewing their curriculum and resequencing where necessary to try minimise the impact of the school closure.


Expectations of Students and their Families

Despite the challenges created by the school closure our intent is to ensure that teaching enables students to progress in the curriculum.

We are aiming to make our teaching as effective as possible, with feedback and assessment remaining a key element of the student experience.

Live teaching interactions will take place during normal timetabled lessons and students will be made aware of in advance of when they are going to take place.


Feedback to students

Students can expect feedback on their work at least twice each half term. This will look different to the feedback which students normally receive in their books in school Feedback may take the form of:

  • Questioning during live lessons. Students may be asked to answer questions verbally or use the chat type facility in Google Meet
  • Comments on work in Google Classroom by the teacher
  • Feedback on quizzes taken on SMHW or other platforms e.g. Mathswatch
  • Updates on progress using monitoring trackers for each year group



Ground Rules:

Avoid all distractions, e.g. turn off your phone, the TV

If you are in a live lesson, make sure you only comment in the chat/unmute your microphone when the teacher asks


When emailing teachers, make sure you are polite and formal, using the template below:

Dear [teacher’s name],

Please can you help me…/Please find my homework attached.

Thank you,

[student name]


How to access work:

  1. Show My Homework (Satchel One) will be the place where all homework and live lessons are set. To access this log into your school Gmail account, go to https://www.satchelone.com/ , click on Student and Sign in with Google.
  1. On your ‘To-do list’ you can see the work that has been issued and the work that you have completed. It is organised by the date it needs to be submitted.
  1. When your year group is working from home, you should follow your normal timetable. So if you have Maths Period 1, look for your Maths work on your ‘To-do list’.
  1. When you are completing homework, organise what you do first by looking at the submission date. Clicking on Calendar gives you a clear picture of this.
  1. On your To-do list, click on the blue heading and read the instructions from your teacher. There are often links at the bottom and this will be where you will find your links to live lessons. Just click on the link or copy and paste it into the browser on a new tab.
  1. Google Classroom can be found by opening the Google home page and clicking on the 9 dots in the right-hand corner. Click on Classroom and you will see the names of your classes. Teachers will put the codes to access this on Show My Homework.
  1. If your teacher wants you to submit your work on Show My Homework, when you click on the task there will be a Submit option. You can type in your work or drag and drop it from another folder. The press Submit assignment to teacher.
  1. If you are stuck, email your Head of Year (see key contacts tab above)


Using a PS4 or Xbox to access Google Classroom:

During the Covid-19 pandemic there may be times when the school will require you to work from home.

You will follow the school timetable with teachers introducing their lessons via Google meet wherever possible.
Work will be sent by teachers via Satchel One (Show My Homework).

The timings of the lessons are below (slight changes to normal timetable to allow your teachers to setup the live lesson)



Cameras should be on where possible for registration only so that your form tutor can register you as present.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Registration 8.45am

Period 1 9.05 – 9.45
Period 2 9.55 – 10.35
Period 3 11.05 – 11.45
Period 4 11.55 – 12.40
Period 5 13.25 – 14.05
Period 6 14.20 – 15.00  

Registration and PSHE 8.45am

Period 1 9.15 – 9.55
Period 2 10.10 – 10.50
Period 3 11.15 – 11.55
Period 4 12.05 – 12.45
Period 5 13.30 – 14.10
Period 6 14.20 – 15.00


Your teachers will provide the Google Meet link via Satchel One (Show My Homework).



Ms Webster Headteacher a.webster@sharplesschool.co.uk
Miss Molyneux Deputy Headteacher, Year 10 c.molyneux@sharplesschool.co.uk
Mr Savage Deputy Headteacher, Year 11 l.savage@sharplesschool.co.uk
Mrs Wood Assistant Headteacher, Safeguarding c.wood@sharplesschool.co.uk
Mr Callaghan Assistant Headteacher Year 8 m.callaghan@sharplesscool.co.uk
Mrs Khan Assistant Headteacher Year 9 f.khan@sharplesschool.co.uk
Miss Dann Assistant Headteacher Year 7 r.dann@sharplesschool.co.uk
Mrs Paradine SENDCO j.paradine@sharplesschool.co.uk
Pam Paton Year Coordinator Year 7 p.paton@sharplesschool.co.uk
Jordan Whittle Year Coordinator Year 8 j.whittle@sharplesschool.co.uk
Ben Stanier Year Coordinator Year 9 b.stanier@sharplesschool.co.uk
Madeleine Moss Year Coordinator Year 10 m.moss@sharplesschool.co.uk
Linda Harrison Year Coordinator Year 11 l.harrison@sharplesschool.co



How to use Show My Homework

  • Students: Click the tab that says “Student” and then the button that says “Sign in with Google” and use your school email address and password to sign in
  • Parents: Click the tab that says “Parent”. Enter the school as Sharples School and your email address and password.



How to use Google Classroom

  • Log into your school google account www.google.com/mail . All school accounts end in @sharplesschool.co.uk
  • Click “Join a Class” and enter the class code that the teacher will provide via SMHW



How to use Google Meet

  • Prior to a live lesson the teacher will provide a link to the Google Meet via the students school email
  • Click on the link to join the class. You will need audio on your device to hear the teacher.
  • Any device can be used as long as it is signed into your school google email account.




During distance learning, teachers will provide students with feedback that promotes learning and progress.  These are examples of how work completed during distance or blended learning will be given valuable feedback. 


Preparing for Feedback

  • Class teachers will provide students with submission dates for work they will use to give feedback and it is expected that students meet these deadlines to the best of their ability.
  • Class teachers will provide clear success criteria and models of good practice before students begin work.
  • Class teachers will have high expectations of literacy at all times, e.g. demanding formal language from students and correcting spelling and punctuation errors.


Written Feedback

When possible, teachers will provide feedback according to the Sharples Feedback and Marking Policy.

Therefore, the minimum expectation is as follows:

Non-core subjects will complete one piece of detailed marking with written feedback every half term.
Core subjects will complete two pieces of detailed marking with written feedback every half term. 

Examination subjects (GCSE / BTEC) will complete two pieces of detailed marking with written feedback every half term. 

  • Comments provided by the teacher will be diagnostic, outlining WWW and EBI which are clearly linked to any predetermined success criteria.  These can be in the form of individual comments to students or whole-class feedback sheets.
  • Literacy errors will be marked when possible, e.g. by highlighting SPAG errors that students should correct themselves and providing spelling corrections.
  • More regular feedback may be given with quizzes and retrieval practice activities that can be set as homework or in live lessons.  


Verbal Feedback

  • In live lessons after marking, teachers will go through common misconceptions and mistakes and encourage students to set themselves targets. 
  • Pre-recorded videos may be used to provide students with feedback.
  • Teachers will aim to provide verbal feedback in every lesson, e.g. praising student answers, correcting mistakes.
  • Teachers will verbally award ACE points in live lessons to motivate students.


Peer and Self-Assessment

  • As much as possible, teachers will use peer interactions to motivate students, e.g providing feedback to a peer’s work during a live lesson.
  • Teachers may encourage students to self-assess work to ensure it is completed to a high standard.


Where can I find details of my distance learning timetable?

Timetables are followed as normal.

These can be found on Satchel One and via the School Gateway App.


What if we have no online capability or devices for my child to work online at home?

It is important that you let school know if this is the case and we may be able to help.

Contact your child’s SLT Link and let them know you are having difficulty accessing the work  (see key contacts section).


Where can I find the live lesson links for Google Meet?

Students can find links shared with them via their school email and/or Satchel One.


How often should I receive feedback or marking on my distance learning work?

See section “Distance Learning Feedback and Marking”.


Who do I contact if I have an issue with the work set?

In the first instance you should contact your year coordinator. They will pass any issues on to your teacher to resolve.


How does my child submit their work?

The details on how to submit work will be made clear on Satchel One – Show My Homework (SMHW).


Will I be contacted about my child’s progress with Distance Learning?

During a prolonged period of lockdown we will endeavour to maintain our commitment to our annual schedule of formal feedback via reports to parents.

In addition school staff will contact individual parents/carers if there is an issue linked to your child’s learning and progress. In the first instance, this communication will be by telephone or email.

Regular updates from the Headteacher will be sent via School Gateway which is sent as a text or email directly to your mobile phone.  You must be signed up to gateway to receive these updates (see below).


What do I do if I am having problems with my Satchel One – SMHW login? What if I am a parent who is not signed up for Satchel One – SMHW?

Contact Mr Callaghan by email on m.callaghan@sharplesschool.co.uk and explain what the issue is.


How do I sign up to School Gateway to ensure I am receiving parental updates?

Ensure that your email address and mobile phone number are correct by emailing l.mckenna@sharplesschool.co.uk.

Sign up to School Gateway using these details here:


Live Lessons via Google Meet

Student Protocols

During distance learning Sharples School teachers are providing live lessons for students via Google Meet. Teachers  provide live lessons for the benefit of all students. They are extremely useful to support learning at home and therefore students should be respectful at all times when engaging with them.

Live lessons are recorded by the teacher for safeguarding reasons and any inappropriate behaviour is therefore recorded.


During live lessons students should:

  • Turn their microphone and video off at all times during the lesson unless directed by the teacher to speak
  • Only use the chat facility to discuss aspects of the lesson.  The chat facility should not be used to chat with each other.  Any inappropriate comments or language will be reported to parents/carers
  • Remove any other distractions in the room e.g. music, television, other devices.
  • Make notes at home as directed by the teacher during the lesson
  • Be respectful towards the teacher and other students at all times
  • Arrive promptly to the lesson and stay focused for the full duration


Any student who behaves inappropriately by not following any of these protocols may be excluded from future live lessons and parents/carers will be contacted.

The link for live lessons MUST NOT be shared with ANYONE.  Any student found doing this will face severe consequences and parents will be informed.