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We have an excellent Student Affairs Committee (SAC) here at Sharples School. We aim to make a positive impact and push for changes that support every child throughout their time at our school. The SAC is a group of students that have been elected to represent each year group at Sharples, we currently have over 40 members that meet regularly to discuss aspects of a student’s experience at Sharples. Members regularly ask peers for any feedback or suggestions which they would like to be discussed at our meetings. The Committee promotes skills development such as Confidence, Leadership, Debating & Problem Solving.

Each of our members are easily recognisable due to their Purple Ties that are handed to them after elections. Recently the SAC have worked with outside organisations such as Bolton Youth Council & have interviewed the current leader of the Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer filmed by CBBC’s Newsround. Click here to view the interview (Newsround – Sir Keir Starmer Interview).

We aim to hold elections each year although this cannot be guaranteed due to our current members dedication to the committee. If you would like to speak to someone about The Student Affairs Committee, please see a Purple Tie or Mr Charlton directly.

We are immensely proud of the SAC and the fantastic work they do each term to ensure that Sharples School provides the best learning environment that a student could ask for.

You can view our dedicated Twitter account (@SharplesSAC) for updates on the great work the committee has done. You can also click here to access our termly SAC newsletter.