From Art to Astronomy, there are more than 100 extra-curricular activities across a huge range of interests for pupils to choose from at Sharples across the year.

Lunchtimes every day of the week afford students the opportunity to engage in netball, rounders, athletics, football, table tennis and fitness training with further sessions and teams scheduled after school. Clubs cater for passions as diverse as science, debating, chess, art, dance, robotics and astronomy.

At Sharples, we aim to help our students’ develop into well-rounded young adults. As such, we do not simply focus on academic development but also place great importance on providing extra-curricular opportunities. All activities take place during the school day or after school.

Lunchtime Clubs

Day Club Location Year group
Monday Art Club Ar1 7
Computing Homework IT6 IT6
Design and Make DT2 7
English Intervention 11
Flute Ensemble Mu2 All
International project Club H3 All
MFL FL2 7-9
Word Games 7-9
Tuesday Acting Class Mu1 All
English Intervention 11
Film Club M1 All
Games Design Competition IT6 8 & 9
Geography H5 KS3 & KS4
MFL FL4 10 & 11
Wednesday Astronomy Observatory 7
Choir MU1 All
Computing Homework IT6 7,8 & 9
Numeracy Challenge Theatre 7
Science 7
Thursday Chess Club E6 All
Computing – Robotics IT6
Dance Club Mu2 All
Geography H8 All
International Project Club H3 All
MFL FL4 10 & 11
MFL FL2 7, 8 & 9
Minecraft Club IT4 All
Friday Computing
– Advanced Robotics
IT6 8 & 9
Core Gaming H7 7
English Intervention 11
Geography H5 All
MFL FL4 10 & 11
MFL FL2 7, 8 & 9
Minecraft Club IT4 All
Numeracy Challenge Theatre 7
Reading Club E7 All

After School Clubs

Weekly Clubs Club Location
Monday Beginners Swimming Pool
Boys Fitness Fitness Suite
Tuesday KS3 Boys Football Astroturf
Academic Support Club STAR
Performing Arts
Netball Sports Hall
Wednesday Swimmers Swimming Pool
Boys Table Tennis Upper Gym
Academic Support Club STAR
Hockey Sports Hall
Thursday Girls Fitness Fitness Suite
First Monday
of every month
Rotary Interact
Charity Club


All after school clubs start at 3.05pm