At Sharples, we ensure that the learning experience supports all of our learners to develop to their full potential. Our academically most able learners are creative, innovative and inquisitive.
The learning experience at Sharples School challenges our more able learners through stimulating, engaging lessons delivered by outstanding teachers across the curriculum. Extra opportunities are provided for these pupils to take responsibility for their own learning, so that they develop as independent enquirers, creative thinkers and reflective learners who go on to achieve the highest academic standards.
The Sharples G2G programme is specifically designed to enrich and extend the educational experience and outcomes of our most able learners, ensuring they make outstanding progress.

Core Programme

  • Students will be given opportunities to teach other pupils within the school. This may be their peers or younger pupils from Year 5+.
  • All members of the G2G Programme are expected to attempt the “Sharples Challenge Club” activities in their lessons.
  • All members of the G2G Programme are expected to attend at least two extra-curricular clubs per week.

Enrichment Programme

Members of the G2G Programme will be offered a series of enrichment opportunities that they can. sign up to:
  • University visits e.g. Cambridge University Residential taster event.
  • A visiting lecture series – monthly lectures from outstanding speakers from the fields of medicine, law, literature etc.
  • A series of enrichment trips to local museums and events e.g. Manchester Science Museum, Space Port
  • Participation in national competitions including the Rotary Debating competition and Salters Chemistry festival.

Event Timetable

These core events take place during the school day and are compulsory for the year group shown:

Month Subject Year Group(s)
Autumn Half Term 1 History
Year 7
Year 9
Autumn Half Term 2 MFL
Performing Arts
Year 10
Year 8
Spring Half Term 1 Computing
Food and Textiles
Year 7
Year 9
Spring Half Term 2 Science
Year 8
Year 10
Summer Half Term 1 P.E
Year 7
Year 9
Summer Half Term 2 English
Year 10
Year 8

Lecture Timetable

All lectures are 3-4pm in the school theatre unless stated

Date Subject
September John Pickard – Aeronautical Engineer
October Emma Wilkes – Pilot
November Amani Ibrahim – ITV News
January Adam Arkwright – Graphic Design
February Dr Heather Williams MBE – Positron Emission Tomography
March Jason Whittle – Journalism
April Paul Stanley – Administrator for Wigan Athletic – Begbies Trainor
June TBC