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At Sharples School we aim to provide a structured and planned transition in order to ease pupils through what can be a worrying phase of their lives.  A successful transition is an important first step in helping your child to achieve their full potential.

Aims of Transition from Primary to Secondary

  • To make sure each child is happy when they move from their primary school to Sharples.
  • To support the parents in preparing for the move from primary to secondary school.
  • To encourage each child to become more independent.
  • To ensure that any relevant information from the primary school or outside agencies is acknowledged and acted upon.
  • To ensure smooth academic transition from Year 6 to Year 7.

Choosing Sharples

We have a large range of transition events to support you as your child chooses a Secondary School

Year 5

  • Primary STEM clubs held weekly for Year 5 and Year 6 in local primary schools
  • Various visits to Sharples School to participate in lessons
  • Creative Arts Days for invited primaries
  • Invitation to watch Sharples School productions
  • Year 6 to 7 Summer School – a week long programme of events to aid settling in and making friends

Year 6

  • Open mornings
  • Open evening
  • Open Evening – parents have a chance to tour school with their child.  There is an opportunity to meet with staff
  • Tours of school can be arranged with the Year Co-ordinator
  • Deadline for submission of secondary school transfer forms
  • LA will inform whether a place has been given
  • Welcome letter and information sent out
  • Year 7 Co-ordinator to visit all pupils in their primary school to introduce herself to them
  • Taster Day.  Pupils will come into school for the day to sample “a day at Sharples.”  This is to ensure their first day is less daunting. New Intake Evening.  Parents and child to attend.  Parents will be invited to listen to our senior staff whilst the pupils meet their new form tutors and members of their form
  • First day – Year 7s only and Tie Ceremony

What else happens during Transition to Secondary for Year 6 pupils?

  • We have two dedicated Transition Teachers who work with Year 6-8 across the phases to ensure a smooth transition for all.
  • Experienced Form Tutors with experience in Years 6/7.
  • Access to Year 7 Co-ordinator, a non-teaching member of staff with vast experience in dealing with transition.
  • Staff from Sharples – Masterclasses in primaries.
  • Visits/tours available on request.
  • Extra transition visits for pupils on request.
  • Nurture Room sessions for identified pupils.
  • Literacy and numeracy intervention for identified pupils.

Year 6 Welcome

Hello Year 6,

Congratulations on receiving your place at Sharples School! Sharples’ teachers and students are excited to meet you in September and looking forward to introducing you to our brilliant school.

We know you might be studying at home for the next few weeks, so our Year 10 students would like to set you a challenge! Two of our Gold Tie students would like you to write to them. Here they are to introduce themselves:

‘Hi, my name is Joseph. Welcome to Sharples School. I have been at Sharples for four years now and I have enjoyed every second of it! As a proud member of Sharples School, I believe the minute you enter it will become a second family. The welcoming atmosphere and the best teachers make Sharples a great place to learn. I can’t wait to see all you new members of the Sharples family soon.’

‘Hi, my name is Amira  and I am a proud member of the Sharples family. Thank you for choosing Sharples – I can assure you that you will not regret your decision. We have the best teachers, trips and experiences. We look forward to meeting you!’

Now over to you! Write a letter or an email to Joseph and Amira introducing yourselves. Use the title ‘All About Me!’ and tell us all about your family, hobbies, likes, dislikes and what you are looking forward to at Sharples.

It will be a fantastic way for us to get to know you and we will send out prizes to all students who write to us. Write your letter to Sharples School or email

Good luck with your challenge!

Miss Postle, Assistant Headteacher
Miss Paton, Year 7 Co-ordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have lots of questions about Sharples.  Here, Miss Postle and Khadijah Patel in 7P1 answer some frequently asked questions.

How do I find my way around the school?  What if I get lost?
Khadijah- There is no need to panic. Students and teachers can help you find your way, especially the Gold Tie pupils.  You will also get a map of the school to help you.
Miss Postle – Your teachers collect you for every lesson during the first few weeks of September so you don’t get lost finding your lessons.

What happens in the first few weeks of September to help me get to know the school and make friends?
Khadijah – In lessons, the activities will be fun, for example, games, puzzles and quizzes. This will help you to make friends and enjoy your first few weeks at Sharples School.
Miss Postle – The first day of September is for Year 7 students only so you get to make friends and get to know the school before the other year groups arrive.  The second week is Freshers Week, when you can join all the different clubs and we have the Year 7 disco!

What do you do if you need help with something?
Khadijah – You are welcome to ask a teacher or if it is at lunch/break you can ask a Gold Tie student.
Miss Postle – Year 7 have their own zone where all their form rooms are located.  Miss Paton and I are there every form time so you can come and ask us for help and we will do so straightaway.

Where and how do I get lunch?
Khadijah – You go to the canteen at lunch and you use your fingerprint. From that you have machines to put money in your account, or your parents could pay from their phone.
Miss Postle – Year 7 also get access to the canteen before any other year groups so you have the canteen to yourselves!  You also have your own toilets!

What trips can I go on?
Khadijah – There are many trips to go on and my favourites were Night at the Museum and going to see a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Miss Postle – There are lots of trips throughout the year including Night at the Museum when we have a sleepover in a science museum.  There are also rewards trips at the end of the year for every year group where we go somewhere fun like Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

What clubs can I join?
Khadijah – They are available at lunch/after school. If you want to have a club that isn’t available, then you give your idea  to a certain teacher.
Miss Postle – There are all sorts of clubs including Art, Science, Debating, Robotics and Minecraft.  There is also a Homework Club if you need help with your homework.  As part of the Sharples Bacc, you are expected to go to at least two clubs a week and get rewards for attending the clubs.

Are there detentions and what happens if I get one?
Khadijah – There are detentions, however, if you get one a teacher would come to collect you. Your name will have been sent to a teacher and they shall ring your parents to let them know.
Miss Postle – I hope you won’t get detentions, but teachers give them for things like not doing your homework or not having the correct equipment.  Most detentions are 10 minutes at break.  SMART detentions are after school but, as Khadijah says, we will let your parents know.

What is form time like?
Khadijah – Form time is usually fun and there are different tasks according to the day, for example reading, literacy, and PSHE.

How much homework do you get and what is it like?
Khadijah – We use Show My Homework to receive homework and they all have a due date. It shall begin with a small amount of homework and it shall increase. Don’t worry, you do not get too much.
Miss Postle – Parents can also log into Show My Homework to keep track of your homework.  Don’t forget, there is also Homework Club if you want to do your homework at lunchtime with the help of a teacher.

What have you enjoyed most about being in Year 7?
Khadijah – The Night at the Museum was my favourite experience.

The Sharples Quiz

Feeling confident about your Sharples knowledge now?  Have a go at this quiz all about the school.

1. Who is the Headteacher of Sharples?
A) Ms. Webster
B) Mr. Savage
C) Miss. Molyneux

2. What are the school colours?
A) Grey and Blue
B) Teal and Purple
C) Orange and Black

3. What is the school motto?
A) Learn. Dream. Achieve
B) Be the very best you can be!
C) Work hard to achieve.

4. What is the name of the house?
A) Bolton House
B) Hill Cot House
C) Astley Bridge House

5. What subject is Sharples a specialist in?
A) Art
B) Maths
C) Science

6. What is the name of the scheme that runs alongside the Year 7 curriculum?
A) The Sharples Baccalaureate
B) Clubs at Sharples
C) Team Sharples

7. What is the name of the ‘Sports Centre’ at Sharples?
A) Fitness Hub
B) Health Hub
C) Sporting Hub

8. What are the names of the heads of Year 7?
A) Mrs. Paton and Miss Postle
B) Mrs. Fairclough and Mr. Parkinson
C) Miss. Molyneux and Mr. Callaghan

9. What does STEM stand for?
A) Sharples. Team. Everyone. Matters.
B) Science. Technology. Engineering. Maths.
C) Super. Teamwork. Equality. Matters.

10. What is the name of the area that pupils can go for help?
A) Pastoral Hub
B) Pupil Club
C) Student Centre


Answers: 1. Ms Webster, 2.Teal and Purple, 3. Learn. Dream. Achieve, 4. Hill Cot House, 5. Science, 6. The Sharples Baccalaureate, 7. Health Hub, 8. Mrs. Paton and Mr Bolton, 9. Science. Technology. Engineering. Maths, 10. Pastoral Hub

10 Steps to Sharples

10 things you can do over the Summer to prepare you for September.

  1. Read a book – choose one from our reading lists and write a review to share with your form tutor in September.
  2. Keep being organised – Make a list of the equipment and uniform you will need and start to get it organised.
  3. Learn how to do a tie.
  4. Make an ‘All About Me’ poster to teach your form tutor all about yourself and your interests.
  5. Do you know how you are getting to school? Do a trial run of getting to school.
  6. Look at the school website and see what is on offer.
  7. Think of 2 clubs you want to be part of when you arrive. If they are not on at the moment, we will do all we can to put them on for you.
  8. Look at coming to the Summer School
  9. Keep up to date with and practise your skills in a range of subjects including English, Maths and Science.
  10. Get excited. Think of all the fun activities you can participate in and everything you can achieve at Sharples!

Summer School

All students who accept a place to join Year 7 at Sharples will be offered the opportunity to attend our amazing Summer School, now in its tenth year.
To find out more… watch our video