Ground Rules

  • Avoid all distractions, e.g. turn off your phone, the TV
  • If you are in a live lesson, make sure you only comment in the chat/unmute your microphone when the teacher asks
  • When emailing teachers, make sure you are polite and formal, using the template below:

Dear [teacher’s name],
Please can you help me…/Please find my homework attached.
Thank you,
[student name]

How to access work

  1. Show My Homework (Satchel One) will be the place where all homework and live lessons are set. To access this log into your school Gmail account, go to , click on Student and Sign in with Google.
  1. On your ‘To-do list’ you can see the work that has been issued and the work that you have completed. It is organised by the date it needs to be submitted.
  1. When your year group is working from home, you should follow your normal timetable. So if you have Maths Period 1, look for your Maths work on your ‘To-do list’.
  1. When you are completing homework, organise what you do first by looking at the submission date. Clicking on Calendar gives you a clear picture of this.
  1. On your To-do list, click on the blue heading and read the instructions from your teacher. There are often links at the bottom and this will be where you will find your links to live lessons. Just click on the link or copy and paste it into the browser on a new tab.
  1. Google Classroom can be found by opening the Google home page and clicking on the 9 dots in the right-hand corner. Click on Classroom and you will see the names of your classes. Teachers will put the codes to access this on Show My Homework.
  1. If your teacher wants you to submit your work on Show My Homework, when you click on the task there will be a Submit option. You can type in your work or drag and drop it from another folder. The press Submit assignment to teacher.
  1. If you are stuck, email your Head of Year (see key contacts tab above)


Using a PS4 or Xbox to access Google Classroom