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Welcome to Sharples School Collaborative Partner page, which has been created to facilitate the development of the School’s partnerships.

The School has historically been involved in many successful collaborations, both locally and nationally and continues to build on this success. We recognise the many benefits partnerships provide, such as enriching the curriculum; facilitating entry into higher and further education; and the provision of work-based learning.

Collaborations not only provide a diverse learning environment but also increased educational opportunities for pupils, as well as raising the profile of both Sharples School and partner. The partners we have recently worked with include:

The Bolton Learning Partnership is an ambitious educational collaboration which consists of twenty five secondary schools working together, alongside Bolton Council to support school improvement and provide the best opportunities for young people in the borough. Sharples School leads the Teaching and Learning Hub which provides a forum to share good practice and organises CPD events for all Bolton schools.

The DofE charity works with organisations across the UK to help young people gain essential skills, experience, confidence and resilience to successfully navigate adult life.  For several years we have successfully entered over 50 students annually for the Bronze Award. In 2021-22 students will work towards their Silver Award for the first time.

The University of Manchester host transition events along with aspirational visits.

Bolton-le-Moors Rotary Club are involved in our fundraising causes (including the observatory) and help to prepare school leavers for interviews. We also have a very successful Rotary Interact Club that is funded and supported by the Bolton-le-Moors Club.

Bolton Wanderers Community Trust are involved with our work experience programme and also train and coach our sports teams.

The University of Bolton is involved with our work experience programme and also host transition events along with aspirational visits.

Sharples School is the Partnership Lead for the Bolton North Cross Phase partnership providing CPD and enrichment for our member school across Bolton with support and funding from the Ogden Trust.

Through our links with the NSA we provide workshops and CPD across the country to primary and secondary schools.

Sharples School’s Director of Mathematics is the Secondary Maths Lead for the NCETM Turing NW Maths Hub and provides CPD for maths subject leaders and teachers from partner schools across the North West.