Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Key Stage 3 Information

Points to Note
Pupils will study French or Spanish. The key language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing will be developed through a range of topics listed below. The KS3 curriculum provides a sound basis on which to build and develop the skills needed at KS4.

Year 7
• Personal Identity
• School
• Free Time
• Home and Town
• Holidays

Year 8
• Food and Drink
• Shopping
• Health
• World of work
• The Environment

Year 9
• Relationships with family and friends
• Home town, neighbourhood and region
• My studies
• Free Time: Music, Cinema, TV

Key Stage 4 Information

Points to Note
The current Year 11 are completing the final year of the current AQA GCSE specification in French or EDEXEL in Spanish. This involves 2 controlled assessments in speaking (30%) and 2 controlled assessments in writing (30%). The remaining 40% is made up of a listening and a reading exam taken in May 2017.
The current Year 10 will follow the new AQA GCSE specification in either French or Spanish. The specification covers three distinct themes:
Theme 1 – Identity and culture
Theme 2 – Local, national, international and global areas of interest
Theme 3 – Current and future study and employment
Each theme contains several topics and pupils will be assessed at the end of the course in the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Year 10
• Who am I?
• Free Time
• Daily Routine and celebrations
• Town and region
• Holidays

Year 11
• Education
• Work and future plans
• The Environment
• Examination Preparation
• GCSE Examinations

Exam Board Specifications
Visit the website ( for Year 10
Visit the website ( for Year 11
Visit the website ( for Year 10
Visit the website ( for Year 11

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

• Language club once a week – language games and activities, homework support.
• Language ambassadors help to organise activities for the European Day of Languages and International Day.
• MFL inter house competitions.
• Pupils who are able to speak and write in additional languages are encouraged to take a GCSE where available.
• We have a team of language interpreters who contribute to the induction of new pupils.