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At Sharples School we have a duty of care to look after the health and safety of all students and staff, including their wellbeing.  We recognise that the wellbeing of staff and students is an important factor contributing to individual achievement, to the school’s performance and to its continued success as an inclusive learning community.

Sharples School aims to:

  • Support the wellbeing of all students and staff
  •  Create a culture that promotes and supports health and wellbeing
  •  Acknowledge the needs of staff and students, and how these change over time
  •  Help students and staff with any specific wellbeing issues they experience, and help to signpost to channels which can be used to manage and deal with stress or related health and wellbeing issues.

How does Sharples School promote Wellbeing?

Sharples School takes a proactive approach in supporting and promoting student and staff wellbeing, which is evidenced through Sharples being awarded The Sandwell Wellbeing Charter Mark in 2020. This was awarded due to Sharples demonstrating that they take a whole school approach to emotional health and well-being through a process of audit, action planning and review.


“The school’s motto, ‘learn, dream, achieve’, lies at the heart of everything the school does. Pupils are polite and friendly. They wear their uniform with pride.”

Ofsted, 2019