Year 8 G2G Whodunnit?

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On Tuesday, we hosted the Year 8 G2G Virtual Whodunnit? 

Students worked in teams to find out who had the means, the motive and the opportunity to carry out the murder of Ezra Gordon, and to identify which weapon had been used. Each team had four minutes to interview each of the suspects, to ask the right questions, and to try to verify the alibis given. They also had some puzzles to solve along the way. All of the students who took part proved themselves to be fantastic detectives, and our teachers demonstrated amazing acting skills in their role as the suspects (see picture above)! Thank you to Miss Pearson, Miss Bamber, Mr Ryder, Mr Burrow, Miss Patel, Mrs Morton, Mr Myerscough and Mr Ormsby.

Well done to our winning team, and runners up, Sadiya Khan, Amina Adam, Aishah Mohmed, Aalia Patel, Maria Sunni and Molly Williams.

The students loved it and gave us some fantastic feedback. We will definitely be hosting this type of event again in the future.

Maryam Toor: “Thanks for this event, It was really fun

Amina Adam: “Thank you so much! It was an amazing experience and I extremely enjoyed it. The entire experience of the whodunnit activity was extremely enjoyable. Not only did I develop skills such as confidence and problem solving but I had lots of fun with my friends along the way. I would like to thank all the teachers who helped make this possible as they were great actors who surely made me think!

Ayesha Vepari: “Thank you to all the teachers that organized this event! I had so much fun working together solving it and I think it just brought out the detectives within us! I really liked this and would definitely do something like this again. If there is an event like this next year I would highly recommend it to the newer year groups because I had so much fun. We also got to know a bit more about each other and how we are kind of good detectives! Once again, I’m going to thank all the teachers and especially Miss Hart for organizing this event and letting us have so much fun!

Zainab Godar: “I would just like to say thank you for this event. It was really fun and I enjoyed taking part. The staff did an amazing part playing their roles but the fact that Frank didn’t know who his wife was made me laugh hysterically!! Again, thank you for this event – it was incredible!

Molly Williams: “Thanks for this event, it was great and really enjoyable!

Safa Awadalla: “I would like to thank all of the teachers who have made our afternoon so lively