The Sharples Excellence System

By 22 October 2021No Comments

The Sharples Excellence System monitors students daily for their contributions to school life. All staff can give reward points to students for their positive conduct within and outside of lessons. It uses the acronym A.C.E, which stands for Academic, Community and Excellence. Academic points are for classwork and homework. Community points are for: attending clubs and extra-curricular events; for good manners and helping others; and for contributing to the local community. Excellence points are for going above and beyond inside or outside of lessons. Top students receive weekly, half termly and termly prizes.

This week, to mark the end of a half term, our top scorers from each year group have received a ‘special breakfast’ or a ‘chill, games and treats session’ with their head of year. The top form in each year group have received a big box of chocolates each.

Above are some of our Year 11 students enjoying their special breakfast, in which some received A.C.E badges and some were awarded A.C.E Bronze Badges.