The Sharples Baccalaureate

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In the Year 7 assembly this week, Miss Dann was delighted to award certificates for participation in the Sharples Baccalaureate programme. Many students in the year group were awarded Bronze and Silver Certificates for involvement in the 5 strands: Sport, Creativity, Community, Leadership and STEM. Two students, Anaiya Fish and Jamie Aldred in 7S, had achieved 16 points and were awarded the prestigious Gold Certificate and Sharples Bacc badges.

As part of the Sharples Baccalaureate programme, students collect points for participating in the five strands. This term, students have collected points for a range of different experiences, for example going to clubs such as Astronomy and Debating, keeping the community tidy, raising money for charity and public speaking. 

We are looking forward to seeing even more students being awarded with certificates at the end of next term by taking advantage of the brilliant extra-curricular opportunities available at Sharples.