The monster under my bed…

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After the gothic-themed poetry workshop, the Good 2 Great Year 7 students were encouraged to write their own poems.  Here is a fantastic poem written by Raeesa Mank in 7P:


The monster under my bed…

By Raeesa Mank


A glittering, emerald eye shimmers from under my bed,

I quickly pull the duvet over my head,

I reluctantly peep out from under,

But then get startled by the loud noise, thunder?


I carefully pull my head out,

Then see long, blade-like claws, so I shout,

“Mummy, Daddy! Mummy, Daddy!

Please look under my bed, there is a baddy!”


Daddy slowly looks under the bed,

Then in a surprised voice he said,

“Don’t worry kiddo, there is no baddy!

It’s just the neighbours missing tabby!”