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Super Learning Day

By 17 March 2017No Comments

This Friday, Years 7,8 and 9 took part in a STEM themed Super Learning Day (organised by Learning Skills for Life Coordinator Robert Poole) focusing on building their teamwork, leadership and resilience skills.Year 9 completed a number of activities including 3D films about flight; working on ethical science based debates; virtual expeditions into the deepest, darkest digestive tracts with Google Expeditions and coding tasks. Furthermore, the maths classes at Sharples let pupils throw paper aeroplanes in class!

Year 8 spent the day working with REMAP completing a Dragons’ Den design challenge working to develop tools to make the lives of people with disabilities easier. With teams going head to head in a very close final – they were pitch perfect!

Year 7 participated in a number of workshops including a roller coaster marble run in technology, learning about the world bank and trade in Geography; PE team building. For some of the sessions, our pupils even took over the running of the classes (with members of the Sharples Rotary Interact Club) leading sessions about sand dams in Africa.

Pupils also listened to talks by STEM Ambassadors and the Army.

The feedback from staff and pupils was very positive and they are all looking forward to the STEM Super Learning Day during STEM week next March.