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Science Enrichment Newsletter

By 17 March 2023No Comments


Thank you to all staff and students for a fabulous STEM Week! With a wide range of activities on offer, it was fantastic to see students having fun in STEM and learning great skills in science, technology, engineering and maths. 

Maths Competitions

Our bubble photography competition allows students to experiment with the art of capturing bubbles in motion (as pictured left). Using a variety of techniques, including high-speed photography and the use of different types of bubbles, it is possible to produce some truly stunning and creative images. Our online maths escape room provides a fun and challenging way for students to test their problem-solving skills. With a range of puzzles and challenges to complete, students will have to use their maths skills to solve the clues and escape from the virtual room. There are also maths scavenger hunt and pi representation competitions to take part in. All competitions close on Monday 20th, so make sure to complete your entries, with prizes on offer!

STEM Carousel

Year 7 students completed a carousel activity that offered students the opportunity to participate in a range of exciting and educational activities. 

The day was filled with a variety of exciting and educational activities that kept students engaged and learning. They participated in a thrilling space game with Mr. Capaldi, where an asteroid on a collision course with Earth had to be avoided. Two sensory experiments involving blindfolds challenged students to identify different food samples and objects without their sight, under the guidance of Miss Singleton.

In the forensics activity (above top left), students worked with fake blood (which looked more like strawberry milkshake!) with Miss Booth, measuring the size of blood drops to solve a mystery at the Sharples Animal Centre. Was it the Lion, the Grizzly bear, or the Capybara? Mr. Burke’s session focused on how planes fly, and students were able to create their own wings and see the effect of lift (above top right).

Mr. Haseeb’s session involved coding for robots to complete various tasks (previous page bottom left), while Mr. Simpson and Mr. Awal taught the students about code-breaking before they put their newfound knowledge to the test by deciphering codes like spies. 

Using sweets, Mr. McCann taught students how to build the structure of DNA (above bottom right), while Miss Melmoth demonstrated the power of static electricity with a Van der Graaff generator. Mr. Albrighton challenged students to find the best bubble solution, while Miss Glenholme led a fascinating dissection of eyes.


Bushtucker Trial

Our bushtucker trial was not for the faint-hearted! Students were challenged to try a range of unusual and exotic foods, including insects and other creepy crawlies. This activity encouraged our students to think about different food sources and to consider the environmental impact of their food choices.


PPMA Engineering Activities

This engineering activity saw students working in teams to build their own marble run. With a range of materials and resources available, students used their creativity and problem-solving skills to design and build their own unique structures (as pictured above). Students were then challenged to come up with a new invention and pitch it before their peers in just 50 seconds.

Animal Handling

Our animal handling session (see right) gave students the opportunity to get up close and personal with chickens. Miss Booth also showed how to handle our own resident animals, even witnessing our snake being fed. Students learned about the different characteristics and behaviours of these fascinating creatures, and were able to ask questions and explore their curiosities.


Science Projects

Finally, Year 9 science project saw students working in teams to decide on the best energy resources for their assigned location on an island. With a range of factors to consider, including environmental impact and sustainability, our students worked collaboratively to develop and present their ideas.

Science Escape Room

Year 9 students were recently treated to a thrilling science escape room experience led by Mr. McCann. Putting their scientific knowledge and problem-solving skills to the test, students were challenged to complete a series of tasks within a limited time frame. This engaging and interactive session provided a fun way for students to apply what they’ve learned in class to real-world scenarios.

Thank you to all the staff and students who made STEM week such a resounding success. It was inspiring to see so many students fully engaged in hands-on activities, learning and having fun in equal measure. We are proud of our teachers who put in so much effort to plan and deliver these amazing activities, and we are grateful to our students for their curiosity and enthusiasm. We hope that this week has sparked a lifelong love of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of this labour in the years to come.


Mr. Fowlds – Science Enrichment Coordinator