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Rounders Round-up

On Thursday, we travelled to St Joseph’s to play our third rounders fixture. We decided to play one long innings of 33 good balls. The weather was fantastic and the team were in good spirits. We won the toss and decided to field first. For the first round of bats, the opposition played it cool and we were able to field them easily so that they only scored one or two points. On their second round of bats, they started slogging the ball which made it hard to field accurately. It was quite quickly identified that in practice we need to work on our catching as there were a number of air balls which we should have caught and – in turn – got players out. St Joseph’s scored 68.; it was our turn to bat. We made some safe runs and scored ones and twos. We made a couple of rounders scoring the maximum six points with Leah Winstanley scoring two rounders. St Joseph’s were strong fielders and were able to deal with a lot of our hits. We finished on 59!

Again another close match. We need to work on our catching and that way they will not score so highly against us. Well done to all those who played this week. Keep coming to training – we deserve a win!