Rounders Round-up

The girls travelled to St. Joseph’s this Wednesday to play rounders. Unfortunately, they text on the day to say they only had one team. When we arrived, we decided to play a big game of 15 versus 15! The sun was shining and the girl’s really enjoyed the friendly match. There were some great performances from our team and (with each match) we are getting better and better. Ellie Sutton was voted ‘Player of the Match’ by the other team so well done to her. The final score was 96 – 84 to the opposition, so it was a really close game. For our first season playing flat bat rounders, I am really impressed with how the girls are improving on a weekly basis. I would also like to thank Mrs Neagle and her friend, Maggie, who have been coming along to the training sessions and have also supported us at every match – thank you ladies! We looking forward to the games after half term.