This Wednesday, the girls welcomed Ladybridge to Sharples for our 4th league fixture. After last week’s win, the teams were buzzing on Tuesday night at training and were hoping for a repeat performance. They trained hard, practising their positions and playing against other years. Again, this dedication paid off. All three teams beat Ladybridge. We are on a winning streak and long may it continue. This is the first time that all three teams have won, twice in a row and we are all really proud of their efforts. The Year 7 team were helped out by a couple of older players and won their game 14-8. The ‘Player of the Match’ was Grace. Year 8 won 15-5 and the ‘Player of the Match’ was Charlotte. Year 9 kept the winning going with 16-10 with Lauren scooping ‘Player of the Match!’ A clue for future weeks, ‘Player of the ‘Match’ is asked to hold the ball in the team photos. Well done girls! Let’s keep up this momentum – training on Wednesday next week.