Launching Show My Homework

By 13 October 2016June 2nd, 2021No Comments

featuredsmhw1In recognition of the high regard we take for homework and the need for better communication between teachers, pupils and parents Sharples School is proud to announce the launch of Show My Homework. This is a great way for parents to see what homework your child has been set for the week, the resources available to them, the time the activity should take and importantly the deadline for it to be completed.

All pupils can access the website using their own Sharples email address through the Google + button. Alternatively, all pupils have now been given their own personalised PINs for accessing the website. In form today, all pupils were also given Parent PINs so that parents can also access their own child individualised calendar of homework. Parents will now be able to work together (with the school) to support our pupils’ progress and secure the great results they deserve. In addition, there is also a mobile phone app to make the whole process even easier.

For more information see the Show My Homework website (click here).