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English Department – Work of the Week

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Year 7

How does the writer present childhood in The Chimney Sweeper?

The writer gives me the impression that childhood is miserable. The quotation “And so Tom awoke; we rose in the dark” shows us that they have to wake up early to work. The adjective ‘dark’ gives the impression that they hardly get any sleep. It could also resemble death. The reader would feel privileged because they don’t have to work in Chimneys when they are Children. Similarly, the quote “Locked up in coffins of black” shows that Childhood is miserable. The word ‘black’ shows us that it represents death and that the children were so dirty that they couldn’t see themselves.

The writer gives me the impression that childhood is inadequate. The quotation “Little Tom Dacre, who cried”. This quote shows that they didn’t have a happy childhood like how we would. The adjective ‘little’ shows us that they were so young when they had to work in Chimneys. The reader would feel sympathetic because when they were children they didn’t have to go through this much pain. Similarly, the quote “weep!weep!weep!weep!” also shows that Childhood is poor as it is. It also shows us that the children are crying and are upset. The word ‘weep’ shows us that their lives were not amazing and that they would do anything to have a better Childhood. 

The writer gives me the impression that Childhood is restricted. The quotation “So your Chimneys I sweep & in soot I sleep’ shows us that they had no choice but to clean chimneys. The phrase “I sweep and in soot I sleep” shows us that they live in treacherous conditions. The reader would feel lucky because they wouldn’t be treated like these children and didn’t have to do child labour. Similarly, the quote “He had such a sight!” shows us that Childhood is restricted. The word ‘sight!’ shows that he had never seen something so white and clean and pure.



We could only do justice to the pieces of work below by leaving them as the original format, there are links to each piece after the brief description.



Year 8

Lili Hinchliffe has independently created an outstanding picture book! Such fantastic work! Well done!

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Year 9

Muhammad Ibrahim has brilliantly analysed on the relationship between Eddie and Beatrice in A View from the Bridge!

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Year 10

Wow! Maheen Muhammad Habib has beautifully analysed “Excerpt from the Prelude.”

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Year 11

Amber Nabb has created an excellent revision clock based on A Christmas Carol!

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