Caribbean Collage

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Recently, pupils from Sharples School entered a competition set by Bolton Sixth Form College. It was to design a Caribbean inspired piece of work for the Mayor’s Ball. We won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

1st place (artwork pictured)
Jessica Hill
Saffy Jolly
Noshin Begum
Khadijah Natha
Karishma Gilligan

2nd place
Callum Robson
Charlie Hope
Marcy Pusoma
Charlie Jackets
Haris Sadiq

3rd Place
Maryam Valley
Ruqaya Sidda


Due to the primary purpose of the competition and because of their success, they will have the opportunity to meet the Mayor of Bolton. The students will be preparing questions to find out what it is like to be the Mayor of Bolton.

Congratulations to the winners; we are sure you will have a great day.