An Icelandic Experience!

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Back in August 2015 Mr Callaghan and Mr Poole visited Iceland to find out about the renewable energies that they use there, visit the glaciers and of course to see the many famous volcanoes on the island. This week Year 5 pupils from St Paul’s, High Lawn and Sharples Primary came along to “Icelandic Experience Day” to take part in activities inspired by their visit.

In Geography lessons, pupils learned about the glaciers, whilst in Science they made their own wind turbines and tried to produce enough voltage to switch on a light bulb! The day concluded with students enjoying a 3D Film about Iceland’s famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano that erupted with a huge ash cloud in 2010.

Thanks to Mr Callaghan, Miss Davidson, Miss Catherall and Miss Molyneux for organising the fantastic activities!