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Young Chef Semi-finals

By 28 April 2023No Comments

Last week Ayesha V (Year 10) and Kim C (Year 11) competed in the Young Chef semi-finals (pictured), competing against other pupils who had qualified across the region. They had to complete a 3 course meal live in front of chef judges, including a chef from the Marriott Hotel. Both Kim and Ayesha competed at Sharples last year and won 1st and 2nd prize after having cooked a 2 course meal.

This time the competition was stepped up by making it a 3 course meal and the pressure was on! Both Kim and Ayesha worked really hard to produce fabulous dishes full of flavour and spice, the judges loved Kims spicy beef and rice (pictured) and Ayesha’s potato fritter, made with a homemade spicy yoghurt chutney. Their food amazed the judges and their ability to compete against other pupils live while judges and spectators watched was amazing. Both girls displayed such tenacity as they faced others in this heat and represented Sharples School.