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Year 7 Good to Great ‘Whodunnit?’

On Friday, Year 7 students took on the role of detectives for the ‘Whodunnit?’ event. Students worked in teams to find out who had the means, the motive and the opportunity to carry out the murder of Ezra Gordon, and to identify which weapon had been used… Each team had four minutes to interview each of the suspects, to ask the right questions, and to try to verify the alibis given. They also had some puzzles to solve along the way.   All of the students who took part proved themselves to be fantastic detectives, and our teachers demonstrated amazing acting skills in their role as the suspects! Thank you to Miss Pearson, Miss Bamber, Mr Ryder, Mr Burrow, Miss Patel, Mrs Morton, Mr Duggleby and Mr Ormsby.

Well done to our winning team, and runners up, Faheemah Patel, Aaminah Patel, Ayesha Mohamed, Alesha Musa, Joshua King, Cameron Chadwick, Tyler Simmons and Isa Huda.

The students loved it and gave us some fantastic feedback. We will definitely be hosting this type of event again in the future.

Aaminah Patel said “I really enjoyed attending The ‘Whodunnit’ Event, everyone had such a fantastic time! The teachers did such an excellent job playing their roles in being the suspects, and I especially enjoyed it when we had to interview each of them! Me and my team were overjoyed when we won, it was such a wonderful experience! I would definitely recommend it to any other students looking to attend. Thank you to the Maths Department for putting this amazing event together!”

Ismail Qureshi said “The Whodunnit Event was a great time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really nice to put everything to the side and get together with your friends to solve perplexing puzzles. The teachers’ role-playing was spectacular as well. All in all, it was a pleasure to attend this event.”

Faheemah Patel said “Thank you for your amazing event. You put in a lot of hard work which was absolutely worth everything!!” 

Munisha Talisheth said “I really enjoyed the event! It was so much fun and it really was an event to show teamwork skills! Working out the clues and riddles was very interesting  and it was a great pleasure! All the teachers did such an incredible job at acting that we really couldn’t work out who the murderer was! Thank you so much for organizing this event for us!”