Year 7 Descriptive Writing

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As part of their homework, Year 7 had to complete a piece of descriptive writing based on a picture. Khadijah and Sanaa both wrote excellent pieces that create a vivid scene using interesting adjectives and ambitious vocabulary.


A Brief Moment In Time

Gazing upon this scene was like a miraculous dream.

Calmly and casually the mammoths made their way through the forest. Coming up the hill one by one, their shaggy coat protecting them from the icy cold and glacial wind slicing their bodies. The magnificent mountains towering over them watching their every move. The piercing peaks poking their heads through the wisps of the clouds.

Aghast, the hunter was too taken aback to take away the lives of the beautiful creatures. The spear in his hand could not compare to the might of the mammoth tusks. He could not bear the pain of even imagining what the spear could do to them, let alone what the tusks could do to him. Being new to hunting he couldn’t understand the concept of it. Why would anyone want to do this? No-one should be treated that way. He stood there watching the mammoths walking away from one door and stepping into the next. The mammoths were turning over a new leaf, maybe it was time for him to do the same.

Thud, thud, thud. The serene atmosphere was broken only by the sound of the mammoth’s colossal feet treading on the green grass. Water came crashing down from the waterfall, the glaciers melting from the heat of the scintillating sun. The cerulean sky was watching the mammoths as they migrated from one place to the next. The sensational place was completely contradictory, one side was an incredible winter wonderland with remarkable peaks and mountains. However, there was not much to eat, so they were moving from one place to the next. But the other was a tremendous and lush paradise nourishing in all the animal’s favourite foods. Mammoths are grazers meaning they adore eating grass. They also love eating berries, plants and leaves which was why the forest was the best fit for them to make a home.

What will tomorrow bring? Every day is a new day. Not all hunters are like that one, people love mammoths but some people have no care for them at all. Will the tranquillity be shattered or will the mammoths live another day?

By Sanaa Gija

My Descriptive Writing

Equable, cloudless and clement, the infinite, coloured sky lay as still as snow and let out its eternal, everlasting blanket of the world of yellow. Hardly any clouds cluttered the sky. As time passed, the sky stalked the amazing world’s love – the growth of nature. Peace flew around and praised the world with its harmony as it expanded in its own beauty. In the distance multi-storey, soaring and towering mountains, which were as tall as sky-scrapers, created a cliff from one side. However, tall, powering trees overtook the rugged, steep hills and some irregular, craggy mountains, whilst creating a path in between, on the other side.

The phenomenal, picturesque island was as isolated and deserted as the ocean, slowly filling the place with relaxation and calmness. The limitless, endless air increased in its freshness and its natural scent. Nearby, were some clean, clear streams of water flowing smoothly under and around curved-shaped hills. On the flat part of the green, luscious grass, sprang pink and purple, wonderful flowers with an appealing, pleasurable smell.

Along with nature’s wonders, hairy, brown stomping-mammoths would crush there feet upon the ground, ruining the silence, whilst waving its strong tusks in the scented air. Brilliant, beautiful, blooming birds aesthetically tweet, wolves and owls howl and slithery snakes hiss as it slides and twists around trees. Observing attentively, was a young, muscly, man full of courage, bravery and alertness. But this was not just any man; he was a shrewd, intelligent hunter who calculated every minute of his mysterious journey, without a doubt. He was focused, patient and astute to his surroundings. He travels in a herd ready to pounce on its prey – disrupting and bringing turmoil to nature.

By Khadijah Patel

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