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Year 10 Students: Back to School

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In the first ‘Student Voice’ Blog for the school website, we’re looking at what the return to school was like for the first Year 10 students through the door. Students were asked to talk about their first visit to Sharples in nearly three months. This is what they said.

Before arriving back to school, I was a little concerned about how the new systems would work to keep me and everyone else safe. 

As soon as I got to school, I was always reminded to stay two metres apart from others. The school has even gone as far to place bright yellow dots on the ground so that students can keep a safe distance from each other while standing outside before we go to our classroom. Before entering, we were told which stairs each group will be using, the toilets that we will have access to and the classrooms that we will be spending the day in. It was really clear.

The classrooms that we work in have been set up so that each student and teacher can be at least two metres away from each other. It is virtually impossible to forget social distancing  while in school because of all of the signs and the teachers reminding us to keep our distance. It was quite obvious that the school has carefully planned out this new system which works well for the students and staff at Sharples School.

Aston Hibbert, 10A 


First of all, I really enjoyed being in the school environment and I felt a lot safer after I had come to school! Secondly, the lessons were amazing because they helped me to understand the things I didn’t understand at home. I must admit that I was nervous coming to school but everything was so much better than I thought it would be.

Firdaws Adam, 10R


On arriving at school, both me and my parents were nervous due to the current situation. However it became clear I had no reason to be as soon as I arrived at school and lined up with my group. When we entered school, it was explained how all the groups have different stair wells and toilets so that not too many people were going in the same way. 

We were in one classroom for the whole day and we had our own tables, stationery and workbooks. Each of our tables were all two metres apart so we were all safe. Additionally, teachers were also very safe as they stayed in a square two metres from the rest of the class. 

We got to speak to the teachers just like you normally would during form time before starting our lessons. That was nice because most of us haven’t seen each other in such a long time.The lessons were great: we had an hour each of Science, English and Maths. Although we have been doing live lessons, it was great to be face-to-face and be able to go into more detail with our questions and answers. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the day and being able to learn face-to-face and I felt very safe.

Darci Lomax, 10A


We arrived at school and lined up outside. To assist us, and to make sure we were 2m apart at all times, there were gaps marked on the floor where we lined up in the mornings. Also, all of our desks were also distanced appropriately. We were efficiently taken in and out of the building in our groups through different routes which were set to maintain the distance. Hand sanitizer was available for use when entering and leaving the classroom and around the school. 

At break we were taken down in an orderly manner to the location designated for our group and all students were 2m away from each other. Also there were other measures such as outside hand washing basins with soap so we always had the option to sanitise.

Although the social distancing measures were a new experience, lessons were still normal. Personally, I believe that being in school is key as I am much more focused and dedicated to completing work. I also sometimes get slightly distracted at home! I found the lessons more efficient than online lessons as they were more motivational and engaging. The lessons also ensured we were comfortable with our home learning.

It was less of a daunting experience since there was a variety of measures put into place to guarantee we felt safe. The safety measures put in place made me feel comfortable. It was nice to be able to have some face-to-face conversations with teachers and start to return back to normal routines. I believe face-to-face lessons are more convenient and extremely beneficial as they allow you to ask any questions you might have.

Sara Bhaloda, 10S


As I arrived at school, we were told we had to stay 2 meters away from our friends and other people. This rule had to be followed to prevent coronavirus from spreading and to protect our families. As soon as I came through the gates I saw students standing on these yellow spots waiting to go inside. When most of the students arrived, each group had different staircases and different rooms to go to. It seemed quite weird at first but it was understandable once I realised it was to keep groups apart and safer. 

Before we entered the classroom there were hand sanitizers to ensure our hands were clean. The lessons we had were Science, English and Maths. As we were learning, it felt like a normal lesson. It was just like the live lessons we have done for the past 12 weeks. It was great to receive face-to-face support!

Before I arrived at school I was feeling a bit afraid and nervous and I think other students felt this way as well due to the fact they have not been in school for 12 weeks. We had no idea what it was going to be like! During the lesson, I did feel like I was safe and I had nothing to worry about as Ms Webster and the other teachers ensured that we were well protected.

Bushraa Maroof,10S