Year 10 Good to Great Maths Challenge

By 25 June 2021No Comments

This week, Year 10 Good to Great students took part in a maths team challenge. Students worked in teams of 4 to tackle a variety of engaging mathematical activities while developing their teamwork and communication skills.

All students worked very well together on the three rounds with different teams taking the lead at different stages of the competition. The winning team were Dylan Breward, Haroon Azam Fiza, Hamza Fozdar and Haroon Hussain.

Hamza Fozdar said “This maths challenge didn’t feel like one. It was not a boring thing you might expect. It was actually fun, and on top of that my group won and all in all it was a good experience. Well done to the Maths department!!” 

Jessica Hill said “It was something different to normal lessons and it was very enjoyable.”

Khadija Natha said “It was extremely fun and exciting. Everyone was very competitive with each other, we definitely weren’t bored.”