Year 10 Escape Room Trip

By 15 July 2021No Comments

We recently held a Year 10 Good to Great Maths Competition in school and this week the winners attended Breakout Manchester Escape Room to put their problem-solving and team-working skills into practice and attempt to escape!

Pupils were locked in a room in their teams and had an hour to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and tasks to escape. Three out of the four teams escaped in the time, with one team having an impressive 13 minutes remaining! All students had a great time and were fantastic ambassadors for Sharples School. Thanks to Miss Pearson, Miss Patel and Mr Stanier for accompanying the trip.

Hamza Fozdar said “Today was a good day, me and the boys had a great time, even Mr Stanier was enjoying it. I would definitely recommend trying hard in lessons as this trip shows that hard work pays off”.

Haroon Azam-Fiza said “It was a very exciting trip. The escape room was excellent. We learnt a lot about teamwork, communication and coordination. Although our team couldn’t escape it has made us more determined for next time”

Khadija Natha said “It was really fun and exciting. I would love to go on more trips like this as it was such a wonderful and insightful experience”