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What was the score again?

By 9 October 2020June 2nd, 2021No Comments

What. A. Weekend. Of. Football.

Not much will occur this season that will top the weekend that we have just had and what a way to lead us into the frustration of an International Break. The Premier League doesn’t return until the 17th of October with a two week break, which gives managers plenty of time to make changes and assess what they’re going to do going forward. As the table stands going into the International Break, Harvey Kenney leads the pack with 138 points in total after a score of 88 points this gameweek, with 4 of his players returning over 15 points each. Harvey will be hoping for a quick International Break to solidify his position as the leader of the league. Chris Davies is right behind Harvey with 137 points after an impressive 78 point return this matchweek, Chris will be thankful of his ‘Bench Boost’ which added 22 points to his weekly score.

Mr Charlton, again, struggled this gameweek, only scoring a poor return of 40 points which leaves him well in the lower half of the league table. Mr Baldwin sits comfortably in 20th place after a 66 point weekend, taking his overall total to 107 points.

Some of the high scoring games this weekend such as Spurs’ 6-1 victory and previous years’ Champions Liverpool’s 7-2 defeat gave some managers some fantastic returns. For the first time this season, Liverpool’s defence returned minus points with Virgil Van Dijk taking -2 points away from any manager that owns him.

Let’s try our best to enjoy the International Break and fingers crossed for more of this fantastic football when the Premier League returns on the 17th of October.


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