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UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge – Results

Well done to all the Year 8 students that took part in this year’s Junior Mathematical Challenge. The maximum score available was 135 and the scores required for bronze silver and gold certificates this year are as follows:

Bronze: 52+

Silver: 66+

Gold: 84+


Congratulations to the following:

Gold Certificate: Omar S.

Silver Certificate: Finley B, Dante M, Ismail Q, Melissa R, Ayesha M and Jaime H.

Bronze Certificate: Muhammad-Ibrahim B, Khadijah N, Rae P, Finn W, Adam E, Anna S, Isa H, Fatima D, Molly H, Jasmine K, Aaminah S P, Zain-Ul-Abideen N, Jack S, Munira B and Ameena P.


All students will receive a certificate of participation.


In addition to achieving a gold certificate Omar S has also been invited to take part in the UKMT Junior Kangaroo Maths Challenge on the 15th June. Good luck Omar!