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Twelfth Night Interpretation

By 2 December 2022No Comments

Congratulations and very well done to the cast of Twelfth Night who performed in the Shakespeare Schools Festival, at the Contact Theatre Manchester in November. Well done to our musicians and actors and special thanks goes to Joseph for his photography and filming.

Our acclaimed piece was widely praised in our appraisal feedback from the organisers this week:

“I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you, Sharples School, for your marvellous interpretation of Twelfth Night as part of the Autumn 22 Shakespeare Schools Festival. It was a great night at the theatre, and I’d like to take this time here to mention a few things that I really loved! You really opened the night with a bang. Your production had so much joy in it from the very beginning. I don’t think any of us were expecting Sci-Fi Shakespeare but it really worked. It was fun and fitted in so well with the play’s themes of characters finding themselves in strange places, mistaken identity and confusion. I loved the physical moment when Viola and Sebastian were parted! The design elements really pulled the whole thing together. I loved the choice of lighting, sound effects, costumes and props. The wonderful live music onstage and the rap were so much fun! I thought your characterisation was really great. Each character was so different. I thought the use of the twins in your company to play the twins in the play was lovely. The creative way you made that work with two actors portraying Viola and Cesario was brilliant. They did a fantastic job of speaking together. This really was a comedy! All elements of your production added to the fun – the reactions of the ensemble, the attitude of the musician when told to stop playing, the Mission Impossible physical clowning sequence, the capering, Malvolio’s costume and the Holy Father Robot… I could go on! It was all so joyous throughout and I loved that you ended with your own version of a Shakespearian jig! It was all so much fun and it looked like you really enjoyed yourselves. A musical, creative and joyous Twelfth Night from a hardworking company.”  

Thank you once again to all the staff who support this annual event. 

Huge congratulations to all of our young performers!