Hello everyone,

We want to check how you are all doing and we also want to encourage you all to get in touch with us.

We value your opinions, and if we can help in any way, we will try to do so.  The current circumstances are so very challenging for all of us, but if we can work together to make the best of things …let’s do it!

Send us your ideas! What can we change? What is working well?

Please communicate with us….your Year Coordinator is in school everyday, so please get in touch.


Year 7 – Mrs Paton       P.Paton@Sharplesschool.co.uk

Year 8 – Mr Whittle       J.Whittle@Sharplesschool.co.uk

Year 9 – Mr Stanier       B.Stanier@Sharplesschool.co.uk

Year 10 – Mrs Moss      M.Moss@Sharplesschool.co.uk

Year 11 – Mrs Harrison L.Harrison@Sharplesschool.co.uk


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