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STEM Week 2021 – Part 1

By 18 March 2021June 2nd, 2021No Comments

This week was STEM Week at Sharples and saw the Science team running a series of enrichment events for our students across all year groups each and every day. There was so much activity, we only have space to report on the first part here, read Part 2 next week!


‘Live’ Rat Dissection

Miss Fairhurst was dissecting rats with a different year group every day after school. Above, Year 10 are seeing (and smelling!) what our specimen on the slab had for dinner on Tuesday… Dissection is a key hands-on skill for our Science students to develop, deepening their knowledge and understanding of Biology and anatomy.



Astronomy Lecture

On Wednesday afternoon, Miss Dudley hosted our former Headgirl, Rowan Edlington, via Zoom (above left) for an aspirational talk to all year groups about Astrophysics and being a Woman in Science. Rowan is an ambassador for girls getting into Physics, who are underrepresented in the field, so is an inspirational role model for our current students.



Observatory Workshop

Continuing with the Astronomy theme, Mr Harding has been taking students on tours of the Sharples Observatory throughout the week. The workshop also included some telescope lab work, such as the prismatic dispersion of light (making rainbows!) with Year 9 on Wednesday (above right) and recreating the colours of the Aurora with Year 8 on Monday (above).


See STEM Week – Part 2 in the newsletter next week for a look inside our observatory and Year 7 Science Club…

Many thanks to all the Science teaching and technician team who supported enrichment events for our students to enjoy during STEM Week, giving up their time to cover and deliver successful sessions.


article by Mr J. Harding – Science Enrichment Coordinator



Further events across the school during the first part of this week included:

Pi Day Form Quiz

Year 7 Countdown Competition

Year 7 Arcade Game Design Workshop

Year 8 Virtual Escape Room



And finally, Science is not just for the Scientists, we leave you with a musing poem about STEM by Mr Ormsby…


A Sine of Genus

Imagine sitting by a lake

And wondering what it would take

To calculate its area

The formula would scare ya.

Or fancy while beneath a tree

You’re struck by thoughts of gravity

Quite tough with which to grapple

Whilst snacking on an apple.

Or say you’re watching tortoises

When what you start to notice is

Through lack of adaptation

They face annihilation.

Imagine peering into space

Amazed how it all hangs in place

Then arguing dark matter

Might make the cosmos scatter.

Great minds considered these and more

From ancient Greece to Ecuador

This group of geeks is quite well-versed

At sorting out our universe.

What theorem might I devise?

Am I not wise? There is some doubt

For I’ve just only realised

You close the fridge, the light goes out…