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Sports Report: Fitness Tests

By 13 January 2017June 2nd, 2021No Comments

At the start of the year, pupils have been reflecting on their fitness levels and encouraged to set goals for the new year to improve their health. In lessons, pupils have been completing the bleep test to assess their fitness level. It has been excellent to see our pupils doing their best in order to get an accurate picture of their fitness. Top performers in each year group are as follows:
Year 7- Zam Zam Aden Digale and Cole Bridge and Hassan Mitha.
Year 8- Katie Davies and Sam Fullerton.
Year 9- Rehman Afzal and Millie Knowles and Morgan Leyland.
Year 10- Tyrone Stranger.

There are still a few groups yet to run, but any star performers will be shared.
Well done to all participants and especially those who achieved their personal best.
Next week sees the start of the girls football season with a fixture against Little Lever and the badminton team will be back in action against Rivington.