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Sports Report (Boys)

By 20 September 2019No Comments

At the start of the year, pupils have been reflecting on their fitness levels and encouraged to set goals for the new year to improve their health. In lessons, pupils have been completing the bleep test to assess their fitness level. It has been excellent to see our pupils doing their best in order to get an accurate picture of their fitness. Each student is now encouraged to go away and reflect on their fitness levels and aim to lead physically active lifestyles in order to improve their health. Check out the extra-curricular timetable for activities and sports available during and after school.

It has been fantastic to see so many of our students begin the year attending various extra-curricular clubs. In particular, Year 7 have been embracing the opportunities at Sharples; the school has never had higher numbers attending lunchtime and after school clubs from a year group. The turn out to swimming, dodgeball, football, netball, fitness and the running club has been superb. Please come along and join the others if you haven’t done so yet.

Unfortunately, the football fixtures were postponed by another school this week but next week will see teams back in action again in the Bolton League. Please check the newsletter to see what is available in PE after school next week.