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Sharples Shining Sports Stars

By 28 January 2021June 2nd, 2021No Comments

This week we will take a look at how the lockdown is affecting the training schedules of some of our talented athletes. Despite the obvious challenges, it is clear that these students are looking to overcome the barriers in front of them in order to achieve their personal goals.

First up is Year 9 student Grace Taylor. Grace is a talented swimmer that has featured in our newsletter before. With swimming pools shut all over the country, Grace has had to be creative and aims to prepare her body for the challenges ahead by following her schedule below:

Monday – 1 hour workout doing interval and circuit training over Zoom.

Tuesday – yoga aiming to improve flexibility and movement.

Wednesday – 1 hour workout doing interval and circuit training over Zoom.

Thursday – a jog early morning and then another 1 hour circuit session over Zoom later in the day.

Aidan Bhaloda in Year 7 mentioned in a previous article the difficulties he has had with his training and Covid restrictions. With the 2021 GB Nationals approaching, Aidan has refused to let the current situation affect him from striving to add to his medal collection. Aidan adheres to a strict training schedule and completes four 2 hour sessions each week and has recently started to be trained virtually by the Great Britain coach. The majority of Aidan’s training focuses on his strength and conditioning; involving exercises to improve his strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. Students in Year 7 and 8 have been learning about these components of fitness in PE lessons during the week.

Harvey Hampson was fortunate that he was able to continue with his football at Everton FC when the area entered a tier 4 lockdown. However, once again the season has come to a halt with the emphasis being placed on the players to show commitment and professionalism whilst at home. Harvey aims to maintain his sharpness as a goalkeeper by following a number of Zoom sessions put on by the club, mainly focusing on strength and conditioning.

It is fantastic to see so many of our students overcoming the barriers in front of them and taking responsibility for their health and well being. The department will be launching a number of different challenges over the coming weeks, so please check emails and the department’s Twitter account.