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Sharples School Votes in Mock Election

By 3 November 2016June 2nd, 2021No Comments


Students and staff have voted in a mock election to mirror the US presidential elections being held on 8th November. Votes were cast in assemblies and at lunchtime polling stations.  Secret ballots were used with polling booths, ballot papers and ballot boxes to make the experience as much like the real thing as possible. Assemblies, and activities in form time, supported the mock election.
A total of 535 votes were cast in total with 405 (81% of valid votes) for Hillary Clinton and 98 (19%) for Donald Trump. Additionally, there were 32 spoiled ballots.
Sharples students enjoyed learning about elections in a hands on way and they know that they will be voting in just the same way in British elections from the age of 18.

The real lessons for all is that democracy is about taking part and that casting your vote is as easy as putting a cross on your ballot paper!