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Sharples International School – French

By 2 November 2018June 2nd, 2021No Comments

During half term, Miss Ariff and Miss Dann travelled to Antibes (in the South of France) for an Erasmus+ funded French language course. On Monday morning, they arrived at the Centre International d’Antibes for the first French lesson. They were immediately immersed in the language, which was overwhelming at first but made fun and rewarding by the fantastic teachers. The classes were organised on ability and were truly international, full of other teachers from England but also French learners from around the world.

In the first lesson, Miss Dann introduced herself to the group and then had to write and present a description of a famous person from England. Of course, she chose Shakespeare! Miss Ariff covered greetings, numbers and different cultures. And all this in a three hour lesson!

After this challenge, the teachers headed out to explore Antibes in the sunshine. It is a beautiful town on the coast with buzzing restaurants, a busy port and a lovely beach. They spent the afternoon walking along the coast and showing off their new French skills over lunch.

The rest of the week followed the same pattern: French lessons from 9am to 12.30pm and afternoon activities or time to relax in the afternoon. Although most afternoons were spent on the beach in Antibes and the neighbouring Juan le Pin, on Wednesday the teachers got a chance to learn how to teach French from the experts at the school. The French teachers had a range of brilliant ideas, including how to teach beginners with games, and even songs. It was also a chance to swap ideas with other teachers from around the UK and for Miss Dann and Miss Ariff to consider how they would use their new language skills back at Sharples.

On Saturday morning, both teachers were sad to say goodbye to Antibes and of course the blue skies and 23 degree sunshine! They enjoyed the week and came back eager to continue learning French. They would like to thank the wonderful teachers at the Centre International d’Antibes and would thoroughly recommend the experience to other teachers.

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