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Sharples Charity Leg Wax

By 13 April 2018June 2nd, 2021No Comments

On Friday 13th April, students from Year 11 and Mr Savage (Deputy Head teacher) braved the wax and strips and had their legs waxed for charity. Sharples Heads of House had organised this event to raise money for ‘Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme’. With money still to be counted, the students had contributed over £200 to support this worthy and local cause.

Putting on a brave face, the Year 11 boys went first. Ably assisted by Julie Arrojo from Bolton College, the boys put their best leg forward and were soon in pain, losing those hairs that they had cherished for many years.

Then, to rapturous applause and cheers, Mr Savage took to the stage. Dressed in shorts for the event, Mr Savage was braving both legs. With students and staff pulling the strips, Mr Savage winced a few times but knew it was all for a good cause. At the last count, over 20 strips were used to pull away those hairs.

Thank you to the Year 11 students, Mr Savage, the Heads of House and to all students who supported this House event – you have helped to raise funds for a local charity that will be extremely appreciative of all your efforts.