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Sharples Baccalaureate

By 22 October 2021No Comments

It has been brilliant to see the number of Year 7s enjoying the selection of clubs that have been on offer this half term at Sharples. Clubs have included: STEM club, running club, debate club, polyglot club, Star Wars club and many more! Each time a student attends a club, they earn a point which contributes towards their Sharples Baccalaureate award. Year 7’s will receive their bronze, silver or gold award depending on how many points they have collated before the Christmas holidays; some students have already gained their gold award! Students will have the opportunity to experience a whole new range of clubs after the October break, including: dance club, chess club, Christmas cooking club, fashion design club, art club and many more! Please look out for posters around school which list the full range of clubs that will be on offer.