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Sharples Baccalaureate Rewards Afternoon

It has been fantastic to see the number of Year 7 students enjoying the selection of clubs that have been on offer since the start of September. Over 40 clubs have been available including, STEM club, fashion design club, Harry Potter club, Just Dance and Star Wars club to name a few! Each time a student attended a club, they received a point that contributed towards their Sharples Baccalaureate. Students could gain a bronze, silver or gold award at the end of each term depending on how many points were collected. The number required to gain each award was also increased after every term. Across the whole year, more than 11,000 points were collected with 172 students achieving at least one bronze award since the start of the academic year!

This term points were increased to an all time high! To gain a bronze award, 15 points were needed, silver required 25 with gold needing 35! A platinum award was also introduced this term for those who collected over 40 points; this also included a brand new Sharples Bacc badge! With the incentives of rewards and prizes, commitment and attendance at clubs has been fantastic this term and this was evident on Tuesday afternoon where over 45 students were treated to two free periods full of activities and treats! Straight after the Year 7 picnic, those who gained their gold award had the afternoon off, where they had the option of craft making, pool, football, cricket, Nintendo Switch and many other games!

All awards will be given out in form time next week with just under 100 students gaining at least their bronze certificates with 32 achieving the new platinum award. A special mention must go to Tahseen S, Khadija A, Aishah A, Aisha A, Amaan B, Umamah B, Zayba J, Huma L, Hamna H, Emaan A, Micah C, Blake D, Abdullah H, Safiyyah I, Fatima P, Zak S and Kulsoom M who achieved the gold award across all 3 terms! Year 7 have shown amazing dedication to clubs since September and we hope the new year group have the same enthusiasm! Thank you to all the staff who have organised clubs at lunchtimes and afterschool to ensure Year 7 had a fantastic extra-curricular programme!