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Sharples Baccalaureate

By 29 March 2022No Comments

It has been fantastic to see the momentum from last term continue with Year 7 attending the many clubs that have been on offer since January. Over 35 clubs have been available to Year 7 since the start of the year including, History movie club, debate club, just dance, Harry Potter club, and fashion design club to name a few. Each time a student attended a club, they received a point that contributed towards their Sharples Baccalaureate award. To make it harder this term, the points needed to receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold award were increased. To achieve a Bronze award, students needed 15 Bacc points, 20 points were needed for Silver and 30 points were needed for Gold! Commitment and attendance at clubs has been excellent over the past couple of months and this was evident in Tuesday’s form time when 127 students achieved at least their Bronze award; 88 of those achieved Gold! 

Going one step further this term and as a result of their dedication to clubs, over 50 students with the highest number of Bacc points were treated to a bowling trip last week. On Thursday morning, the students travelled to Hollywood Bowl and enjoyed a few hours of arcade fun, food and bowling! A huge well done to all of the Year 7 students who have been involved with clubs this term and we hope the momentum continues after Easter when a whole new selection of clubs will be on offer!