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Science Supplement

By 7 October 2016June 2nd, 2021No Comments

Human Biology

Year 8, who were completing their model of the human body, attended STEM club this week. The girls gave their utmost and worked incredibly hard on it, by adding intestines and a liver.


The Tensile Strength of Paper

This week marked the beginning of STEM club for Year 7. The students couldn’t wait to take part in their first challenge. As a group, they were asked to build a tower with just straws and Sellotape – the only rules were that they needed to stand on their own and they couldn’t be stuck to the desk.

Cool Science

After Open Evening, Year 7 and 8 were treated to a Science Show. This included using liquid nitrogen to freeze jelly babies, bananas and even making ice cream in under a minute. After that, they were shown the magic of static electricity and even a self-lighting candle!



Model Diet

In the Science department, Year 8 have been learning about healthy eating and the human digestive system. As part of their homework task, Year 8 were asked to produce a model or poster detailing each part of the human digestive system. Pictured is Brandon Marshall, 8A, with his excellent model produced using Play-Doh and polystyrene.