Science Enrichment – Year 11 Masterclasses

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Last week saw the restarting of our Science Enrichment lunchtime clubs for Year 7 (speak to your form tutor about joining up!) and this week saw the restarting of our after school sessions for Year 11, with the focus firmly on transitional skills for their further education.

Top left and right: investigating enzymes, proteins that act as biocatalysts, accelerating the rate of biochemical reactions in our body.

Testing foods by adding reagents (bottom left) and observing the products (bottom right) to detect the presence of different nutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates and lipids (fats).


Finally, if you are in Year 11 and missed out on the masterclasses this week (or anyone working from home!) you may be interested in a live behind the scenes tour of the 100m underground CERN particle collider, one of the largest scientific instruments ever built.


The tour will be live streamed here at 3 this Friday afternoon (and will also be available after, if you are not working from home):


Mr J. Harding – Science Enrichment Coordinator