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Science Enrichment Newsletter

By 8 December 2022No Comments


A fantastic 229 out of 233 Year 7 students completed their Educake Home Learning task last week! Mustafa D, Joe W, Safa D and Safiyya K all scored 100%, which is absolutely brilliant! The top scores from the other year groups were:

Year 8 – Hamzah M, Muhammad-Khaleel, Khadija P, Poppy K and Zayba H.

Year 9 – Isabel F, Olivia-Grace, Zainab A, Aaliyah A and Aashan S.

Year 10 – Zenab A.

Year 11 – Imaan H.

Well done to everyone who completed their home learning, keep it up! 


This week pupils continued their excellent work on their planetariums (pictured left). With a variety of paints and glitter on offer, the groups are decorating their scopes to produce the most aesthetically pleasing design. Most have opted for a black painted outline with glitter, shiny stars and dashings of colour to attract interested viewers.

Once complete, the teams will have their own bespoke planetarium for use indoors during the cold winter months. The teams have a deadline to complete their project before moving onto more glittering projects!

Acoustics Talk

On Thursday, Year 11 had a virtual talk from Phillip Duncan (pictured right), a lecturer from the acoustics department at Salford University. Phillip explained the many different fields in which acoustics is used, from the use in loudspeakers at festivals and outdoor events to using the sounds of insects clicking to monitor their population. The department has also worked with the company providing sound mapping technology at the World Cup! The design of music venues and even Stonehenge were discussed as well.

High Lawn Visit

Students from High Lawn Primary enjoyed an Astronomy session at Sharples. Students learned how light can split into the visible light spectrum and found out how astronomers use this to discover the composition and temperature of stars. Students were then able to visit the observatory and see how the telescope can be operated and they were even able to try focussing smaller telescopes. Back in the lab, students discovered how different elements burned with different colours of light (pictured left), in a process similar to the production of the aurorae! Thank you to the Astronomy ambassadors who were a fantastic help throughout.

Space News

This week provides a perfect opportunity to view Mars, the red planet! Mars is at opposition, meaning that the Earth is between the Sun and Mars, resulting in Mars reflecting more of the Sun’s light than any other time in its orbit. It will also appear high in the sky making this the ideal time to try and photograph the famous planet. What’s more, the red stars Betelgeuse and Aldebaran will be close by, creating a red triangle in the sky. This opportunity is very rare so it is not to be missed! 


Mr. Fowlds – Science Enrichment Coordinator