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Science Enrichment Newsletter

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Well done to Ashton R, Saarah H, Jenna H, Alex W, Khadijah A, Raeesa M and Inioluwa E who top-scored in Year 11 this week. Congratulations to Sadiya K and Fatimah M, who scored highest from Year 10. Heidi F, Munisha T, Mariam U, Ruby M, Faheemah P, Isabelle W, Alizah A, Ayesha M, Adil B, Reo K, Muhammad A and Tafiqa H all scored 100% on the Year 9 quiz. Super work, keep it up!

STEM club

Mr. Albrighton and Mr. Burke, this week, have been showing pupils how to build their own planetarium! Using three different paper constellations, pupils built a planetarium out of cardboard tubing, card and a flashlight. This allowed them to experience the wonders of the cosmos from the safety of the classroom! The next step will be for pupils to transform the drab, grey cardboard tubing with a colourful and attractive space themed design. 

Van de Graaff 

Miss Melmoth’s class were discovering all about static electricity using a Van De Graaff generator. The generator removes electrons from an insulating material, creating a positive charge. Anything, or anyone, touching the generator will also become positively charged. As like charges repel, this can be used to show the effect of the electrostatic repulsion between objects with the same charge, such as hairs standing on end. 

Space News

The Orion spacecraft, which is part of NASA’s Artemis mission, has broken the record for the furthest distance a spacecraft has travelled away from Earth. The spacecraft, which is unmanned on this mission, but is intended to carry astronauts in future missions, has reached a distance of over 400,000 km away from Earth! The spacecraft will now continue its journey before splashdown on 11 December. 

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Mr. Fowlds – Science Enrichment Coordinator