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Science Enrichment Newsletter

Educake Top Scorers

Well done to everyone who completed their home learning this week. The top scores for each year group are:

Year 7: Daima HS, Aisha B, Safiya I, Jacob M, Mustafa D and Zarah S.

Year 9: Shaiza N, Umaynah B, Alizah A, Farah D, Ella G, Agnes M, Halima G, Tofiqa HS, Husnain-Ali A..

Year 10: Sanaa G, Mohammed Sahal P, Molly W, Cherie U, Abubakr N, Aqueelah A, Mohamed E. 

STEM club

This week in the STEM club pupils were using their creative skills to design a new science board in G45. They’ve been given free reign to choose whatever scientific topic they wish (as pictured). Teams are busy drawing up different animals, equipment and even chemical symbols! Paint, glitter, colouring pencils, cardboard, paper and glue are the order of the day! There will be a prize for the best design with next week set to be the completion date!

Science Career of the Week

This week’s career is ‘Occupational Therapist’. Occupational therapists see beyond diagnoses and limitations to hopes and aspirations. They look at relationships between the activities you do every day – your occupations – alongside the challenges you face and your environment. Information about experience opportunities, providers, entry requirements and much more can be found here: Science career of the Week. Please speak to Mr. Burke, who will provide you with more information about this, or any other, science career. 


Space News

Astronomers have made an exciting discovery as they have detected the first-ever radiation belt surrounding an object beyond our solar system. The Jupiter-sized body, located approximately 18 light-years away from Earth, possesses a belt of energetic electrons that emit radio waves as they move. These radiation belts provide valuable information about the magnetic field, internal structure, and potentially the presence of moons around cosmic objects. In our solar system, planets with global magnetic fields exhibit radiation belts, such as Earth’s Van Allen belts and Jupiter’s belts sourced from its volcanic moon Io. The study of exoplanet magnetism is still in its early stages, and characterising their magnetic fields is essential to comprehending their complete narratives.



On Tuesday, Year 10 animal care pupils met Tom and Harvey the ponies (pictured). They groomed them, led them and even ran a mini obstacle course with them. The pupils learned all about pony handling and what it takes to look after them, which will be a massive part of the coursework assignments going forward. A massive thank you to Miss Booth for arranging the visit and to Claire and Natasha from Positive Ponies for providing such an amazing opportunity for our animal care pupils. 


Mr. Fowlds – Science Enrichment Coordinator