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Science Enrichment Newsletter

Educake Top Scorers

Well done to everyone who completed their home learning this week. The top scores for each year group are:

Year 8: Leah H, Thomas D and Aishah A.

Year 9: Jasmine K, Matthew S and Safiyyah A.

Year 10: Owen G and Eve H.


STEM club

This week in the STEM club pupils separated the DNA of strawberries and kiwi fruit! Pupils used a method (see above) developed by the National Human Genome Research Institute in the USA. Initially, they squashed strawberries (or kiwi fruit) in a plastic bag – this also proved a good stress relief exercise! Then a mixture of water, salt and washing up liquid was added to the bag and mixed further. The mixture was then poured through filter paper, with a clear liquid dripping through into the base of a conical flask. This clear liquid was then mixed with ethanol and the teams noted a “snot” like substance was produced!! No, it wasn’t “snot” but strawberry DNA that had been extracted!!


Science Career of the Week

This week’s career is ‘Electrician’. Electricians install and repair electrical power systems in businesses, homes, factories and public spaces. Information about experience opportunities, providers, entry requirements and much more can be found here: Science career of the Week

Please speak to Mr. Burke, who will provide you with more information about this, or any other, science career.

Space News

The James Webb Space Telescope has captured stunning new images of the Fomalhaut star system (pictured right), offering scientists a closer look at its dynamic and rapidly evolving planetary system. The photos reveal a previously unseen asteroid belt and a possible new dust cloud, suggesting a crowded and dynamic environment that challenges previous assumptions about the system. The images also cast doubt on the existence of Dagon, a purported planet in the system, suggesting it may be a cloud of dust resulting from a planet collision. The tilted asteroid belt could be indicative of undiscovered planets stirring up debris around Fomalhaut, adding to the growing evidence of other worlds in the system.


Mr. Fowlds – Science Enrichment Coordinator